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We want you to love your Dragon's or let us know how we make them the best.  Here are some of the questions we get asked to maybe help you out.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer free stickers?
A: Yes. For all sticker inquiries please send a self-addressed envelope with a stamp to the below address.
Dragon Alliance, LLC.
Attn : Sticker Inquiries
971 Calle Amanecer
San Clemente, CA 92673
Q: How do I find stores that carry Dragon products?
A: To find stores or a distributor (if you are outside of North America) simply click the Dealer Locator text on the home page of
Q: Where can I purchase the Dragon Optical collection?
A: You can view a list of retailers that carry the optical collection here or you can call Marchon customer service at (800)-544-1336.
Q: Do you offer any discounts/deals for fire, police or military personnel?
A: Yes, in the U.S. we offer a discount for our uniformed personnel. To order, please contact You will need to provide proof of employment (military ID, badge, etc.).
Q: What is Dragon’s return/exchange policy?
A: Exchange Policy

To exchange a purchase, please contact the Dragon OnLine Support Team at 800-630-6680 or email them at


Return policy

Our product has a satisfaction guarantee or you may return it within 30 days of the shipment date for a refund of the item price. Customers will be responsible for all shipping costs unless the item received was damaged. All returns must be in their original product packaging. If an item was damaged during shipment please contact us immediately (Keep packaging so we may file a claim).

Q: What is Dragon’s warranty?
A: Dragon products are warrantied against all manufacturer defects for two years. Dragon does not warranty against lost items or lenses against scratching. Warranty is valid only if purchased through an authorized Dragon dealer. All Dragon products are in accordance with the EEC directive 89/686, for the I.P.D. of category 1 corresponding to the European Community directive.
Q: How do I file a warranty claim?
A: Please file any warranty claim by calling the Dragon OnLine Support Team at 800-630-6680 or you can email them at
Q: How do I purchase new or replacement sunglass lenses?
A: You can contact our Dragon OnLine Support Team to purchase new/replacement sunglass lenses. You can call them at 800-630-6680 or email them at
Q: What is the difference between non-polarized lenses and polarized sunglass lenses?
A: All our lenses are made of high quality materials. These materials offer high clarity, while also being lightweight and durable. Our non-polarized lenses offer 100% UV protection, but our Performance Polarized lenses take it a few steps further. To see all the features of our Performance Polar lenses read the answer below.
Q: What is Performance Polar?
A: Performance Polar is Dragon’s most advanced and durable form of polarized lenses and is the standard for all Dragon polarized sunglasses. With the hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings, your lenses will be resistant to water, dirt, and oil and eliminate 99.9% of surface glare. Performance Polar lenses are offered in contrast enhancing lens tints so you can enjoy the quality of this superior technology in a variety of colors.

To find out more check out our Performance Polar technical page here.

Q: Can I put prescription lenses in my Sunglasses?
A: Yes, most of our sunwear is compatible for prescription lenses. Anything from our H2O Floatable Collection must use Trivex Material for them to continue to float, and other material will cause them to sink. Other exceptions will be any styles with our shield lens: Remix, Hex, Mansfield, DS1, DS2, and Domo. 
Q: What is Ionization?
A: Ionization is a multi-layer mirrored coating for rich color options and added glare reduction.
Q: Why does a product online say “To purchase from one of our retailer partners. Click Here”?
A: This means we are either sold out of the product at the time or not currently selling online. We have a great network of retailers. Check out our dealer locator to purchase from a shop near you.
Q: What is the best way to tell how big or small some of your sunglass frames truly are?
A: For a chart that lists the widths and heights of our sunglass frames click here.
Q: What is the Variable Light Transmission Percentage (VLT %) on your different goggle lenses?
A: To compare the different VLT percentages of our snow and MX goggles, as well as the conditions they are best suited for click below.


Q: How do I switch out lenses on your frameless goggles (X2, X2s, X1/X1s, NFX2 and NFX/NFXs) versus the goggles with a frame?

A: To view a diagram on how to switch out lenses on frameless goggles with Swiftlock Technology (X2/X2s, NFX2) click here.

For a diagram with instructions on how to switch out lenses on other frameless goggles (X1/X1s, NFX/NFXs) click here.

For a diagram with instructions on switching out lenses for goggles with a frame click here.

Q: What should I use when cleaning my lenses?
A: Sunglass Lenses
  • We do not recommend using any lens or chemical cleaners as they can have an effect on the lens tint or the ionization coating. Damage caused by this is not covered by our warranty program.
  • Mild soap and water are fine to clean your lenses. You can also use the provided cloth bag or a similar type fabric that will not scratch the lens. Gently dab or wipe when cleaning the lens. Try to avoid using a scrubbing motion.
Goggle Lenses
  • We do not recommend using any lens or chemical cleaners as they can have an effect on the lens tint or the ionization coating. Damage caused by this is not covered by our warranty program.
  • Use the provided cloth bag to clean the lens. The bag is made of materials designed to not damage or scratch the lens. If you need to wet the area, dampen the cloth bag with a little bit of water only and gently dab the area. Avoid a scrubbing motion.
  • The inner clear part of the lens has an anti-fog treatment. Please take extra precaution when needing to clean this specific area. Gently dab the lens. Do not wipe or scrub the area.
Q: What is the difference between the Advanced Projects X (APX), Advanced Projects XS (APXS), NFX and NFXS?
A: The APX and APXS are both part of the Advanced Projects family. The APX was the first fully frameless snow goggle with maximum peripheral vision. This line combines our patented Infinity lens technology with the ease of quick change lens adaptability. These goggles feature an injected spherical lens which provides superior optics because it is engineered to closely resemble the curvature of the human eye. The difference between the APX and APXS is that the APXS is about 20% smaller for those that want the best features in a more compact package. The APX measures 175mm wide by 101.6mm tall while the APXS measures 166mm wide by 93mm tall.

The NFX and NFXS continue the trend of providing top of the line features in the APX series, but these goggles feature a thermal formed cylindrical lens. The difference between the NFX and NFXS is that the NFXS is about 20% smaller. The NFX measures 179mm wide by 102mm tall while the NFXS measures 120mm wide by 95mm tall.

By offering both lens types with a larger and smaller version we give customers the options to suit both their style preference, price point and fit needs.

Q: What is the difference between the X2 and the APX family of products?
A: The X2 is simply a continual evolution of the APX category. The X2 is designed around our patented industry leading Frameless Lens Technology with a key new feature that makes swapping lenses faster, easier and more secure than ever. The key to this design is Swiftlock Lens Tech-a pair of integrated levers in the goggle that allow for instant on and off lens deployment. To see more on our X2 goggle and our athlete's testing it out click here.


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