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Check out the most talked about snow goggle on the market from Dragon, The Advanced Projects X. THE FIRST FULLY FRAMELESS SNOW GOGGLE WITH MAXIMUM PERIPHERAL VISION.

This action packed video features footage of Dragon’s top team riders including Gigi Ruf, Luke Mitrani, and many others as they test the Advanced Projects X goggles at the R & D Cabin in Silverton and in AK. There is also exclusive CG footage of the premium technology around the fully frameless lens system which gives riders the most peripheral vision and performance in the toughest snow conditions out there.

Advanced Projects X products by Dragon have superior design, innovation, and a minimalist style. Performance and design innovation are at the heart of every new product in the Advanced Projects X category and the snow goggle line for 2012/13 season is a reflection of this. Being the first fully frameless goggle with patented lens technology, the bar has been set

What is Advanced Projects X?

Advanced Projects X, is a design philosophy focused on technical innovation and smart design from start to finish. With an emphasis on quality, minimalist design, and performance, the Advanced Projects X line embodies the most technically advanced products in the market.
Designed and tested in the backcountry of Colorado at our 12,000’ elevation Research and Development cabin, the Advanced Projects X goggle has proven to withstand the harshest, most technically demanding conditions. The flagship product of the line, literally redefines what a goggle can be with our new patent pending Infinity Lens Technology. By completely eliminating the frame profile with this innovative lens system, the Advanced Projects X goggle has maximum peripheral vision and the highest level of performance.

Advanced Projects X Patented Lens System:
Less is More with Infinity Lens Technology. By completely eliminating the frame profile, peripheral & vision and ease of lens interchangeability has never been better. The patent pendingdesign integrates both bracket and gasket to our existing dual lens system, ensuring a sealed thermal boundary between both lenses and allowing male post connectors to securely attach the lens to frame. Combined with our proprietary Super Anti-Fog formula, the vision is endless and fog free.