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Nate Adams

They call this guy “The Destroyer” but I don’t know where they got the name. Nate got his start riding motocross in a little town west of Phoenix called Surprise. And it was very much a surprise when this clean-cut, polite kid from outside the FMX mecca of southern California started winning events. Now he’s got enough X Games gold medals to make a killing on one of those Cash-For-Gold websites.

 The past few seasons have been hard on Adams, physically. A string of crashes lead to broken bones, concussions and more trips to the hospital than he can remember. In fact, with all the concussions he might not remember going to the hospital at all. Despite those setbacks Nate has no intentions of slowing down. For the past two years he has been trying to qualify for a supercross night show, a dream he has had since he was young. Both attempts have ended in injury but Nate swears he won’t quit until he puts his number 741 Yamaha into the program. He was just tenths of a second from making it happen in 2010.