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We are made for this. Made for exploration, adventure and discovery. We are driven to find new places, achieve personal bests and experience life-changing moments through our ability to innovate. We are made to create tools that help us adapt to and master our surroundings.
The Dragon XP collection with Adaptive Technology is made for this too. Made as your tool to bring unrivaled color and unsurpassed clarity to all of your life’s defining moments. Made so you can discover and adapt to the world through unmatched, purpose-built clarity.
The XP Collection is unlike any other because of its Adaptive Technology.
Built into each design, Adaptive Technology provides optimal functionality with features that adapt to demanding outdoor conditions. Adaptive Technology allows consumers to customize their ultimate experience on water, land, or snow.
  • On snow, the MountaineerX is built to adapt with an interchangeable C-Temple to secure fit, leather side sun shields to reduce glare, and a Rope Lanyard system that reduces the risk of loss.
  • On land, the EnduroX is built to adapt with fully adjustable temples and nosebridge, Transitions® lenses that filter light as users move from bright sun to shade. An extra set of clear lenses for night/low light activities are included.
  • On water, the WatermanX and SeafarerX are built to adapt with an integrated Aqua Leash system which secures fit and floatable frames reducing the risk of loss.

Performance Lens Technology works hard so that consumers can fully immerse themselves in the moment, allowing instinct and passion to lead to clearer and more vivid outdoor experiences. They not only provide maximum protection from sun UV, but also corrosional elements such as salt water, sun block, fish guts, and equipment impact.