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The Dragon SeafarerX combines classic styling with state of the art innovation to perform in all water activities. Features include Dragon’s signature floatable frame, interchangeable and fully integrated Aqua Leash lanyard system, and Dragon Performance lenses.
For water environments with intense light such as off-shore fishing to water environments with variable low-light such as fresh water fishing. The SeafarerX provides maximum protection from sun, UV, and corrosional elements such as salt water, sun block, fish guts, and equipment impact.
SeafarerX Image
SeafarerX Side Image
Hard Case
Custom hard case with mesh accessories pocket.
Aqua Leash
Interchangeable adjustable leash to secure frames from falling into the water.
Floatable Frames
Proprietary ultra light-weight floatable frame details.
Light Filtering
Injected polar lens tint with mirror coating for various light conditions.
Impact Resistance
Superior high impact resistance lens, 5-6 times more than standard polycarbonate.
Element Protection
Sealed multi layer, dual sided, hydrophobic, oil-repellent, fog resistant, anti-smudge, scratch resistant hard coating that keep your lenses free of elements like sunblock, fish guts and water.